Security Cameras


Viper Technology Group’s VCAM Security Camera System can help you keep track of everything important to you; whether it's fuel in your fuel tanks, your toys, your vehicles, your home, or your entire yard - you need a camera to let you know when something's awry.

We use a fully digital camera/NVR system, which ensures premium-quality video feeds and recordings, as well as instant alerts to your phone or email address when motion is detected.

We offer several different camera types and styles, ranging from standard stationary hard-wired cameras to variable focus cameras to fully controllable cameras, both hard-wired and wireless.

If a wireless system is required, maybe to monitor inside your shop or see who's stopping at your fuel tanks, a special wireless bridge connects your house to the barn, light post, driveway, or wherever you need a camera to monitor your valuable assets.

We use only digital high definition (1080p or better) IP cameras.  Indoor and outdoor cameras are available, and are either stationary or motorized.  The motorized pan/tilt/zoom cameras can be controlled from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or joystick.  They can be rotated up to a full 360 degrees, tilted from straight down to perfect horizontal, and zoomed in up to 20x for great close-ups.  All cameras are equipped with 60 to 1000ft range of night vision (infrared), depending on camera model.